Break a leg?
Why not break 5000 websites instead?

something, seriously...

A recent discovery in late December of 2019 has crippled, if not broke thousands of websites due to "depends hell" that relied upon RUBY, JEKYLL- and any dependency thereof.

This is a "grossly negligent push: to force more recent builds on you-
and break older computer compatibility- and force you to run windows.

-This project no longer posessess the "open source spirit".

While RUBY installs and works(on windows), JEKYLL is INHERENTLY BROKEN and wants you to play "bounce the balls between the court all day" games.
I have no words for these devs. NONE.

Except these:

I think someone shoved a chaos stone in the ruby-dev machine somewhere...
He He...who gets the last laugh...the hedge-hog.

A little -bit-o- JS for you, dear..
some-thing whis-pers, in-my-ear..
but at least my sites not -dying, trying...
Because of dev-fault, dev-fault...

Original: "my fault" by Eminem(Marshall Mathers). All rights Reserved.

Jan 10th, 2020 (long after the 2nd Christmas around the world..) ruby team wakes up.
Apparently 2.5.5 is the magic number to install via rvm.
ASSUMING that SSL will fetch it from Github -or- you have 10-4 fox(on older macs) installed, to manually pull it.