Dont EWE DARE MESS with the hedge!

It has been brough to my attention that recently my house was tampered with, the miner has been reset, and “the hedge” has been tampered with.


I am soo sorry, sweetie…it was not your time to go.

You should not have gone this way. Someone hurt you very bad and your insides went to mush.

If I ever catch another human doing this, remotely this way..I will ask for any of your children to suffer greatly- assuming you dont miscarry.

I will take what is mine and I will take from you what you have robbed others of. I have spirit connections. I have otherworld etheric connections.I have legal and intelligence connections. I dont have to touch a hair on your head to influence you(so if you deem me as a threat-its your own paranoia…).

Those doing this should ingest rat poison……

O…And its an INSECTIVORE…not a rat. Rats eat wires and cheese and little crumbs and things.Rats use a hive mentality and intelligence.

HEDGEhogs eat meat like worms and chicken. They also think for themselves. BIG DIFFERENCE.

I will get back to the rest of ewe and my code when I can..I have other issues to deal with.

-Like my trailer being ON FIRE!!