Its been a rough few months.Prepping, planning, hope-ing….

Im not had much time to update the blog- or any website- for a long time.

What happened?!? What caused the delays?

What put everything to a halt was a housing fiasco and substandard “rental” in Superior,AZ.
Nice town, reasonable folk- but I encountered a “shitty home owner and wanna-be property management company”(THUG/MAFIA).

This has made me broke for several months- even borrowing money to make it thru paydays.

VA is not helping- helped cause this mess.
Voc Rehab could have fixed this mess- given me a buffer zone. Can I have it? NO-

	because of incompetent assholes leeching a paycheck from controactor NORTHROP GRUMMON.

I should right them about this abuse. (DONT MIND ME-furious as HEDGE…)

So im in recory mode now- at a undisclosed Phoenix-based temporary apartment complex.

I hope soon to be blogging from the road on a spanky new website created for that purpose.
(Maybe that one can actually turn a profit??)
People are claiming that you can turn a profit- I dont think theyre lying about 25K in extra income.
It would be the fastest scam, ever- and scams like that get ousted fast.

These people have been doing this for some time- and started recently, the information is less than 2 years old.
Others have chosen this path- even at my age and succeeded very well at it– but the path is not for everyone.
It does require equity or large cash down payments and a lot of research, homework, (work) and planning or co-ordination.


So I will see you on the other site. Its got a catchy name, too.
“Have quills, will travel”

Heres a solution to some of your storage mess-

	If youre like me- you need to get one of these(NAS/DAS AND BACKUP SOLUTION).

Theres so many DAS/NASes…

I reccommend the Mobius DAS for beginners and intermediaries alike.
You do NOT have to reformat your drives in JBOD mode

This UNIT was EXPLICITY DESIGNED to “mass mount” multiple drives AS-IS.
Tape your switches DOWN- if you must- (they might get moved or bumped during a “cube move”) if you want JBOD instead of RAID.

	RAID has is own upsides and downsides

RAID isnt perfect, either.
Watch RAID5+6 with 4TB+ drives- this mode eats hard drives for breakfast at this capacity.

	Newton or Murphy's law kicks in here

Rebuilding also TAKES FOREVER(weeks…) - and cannot be interrupted.

This is “Hardware RAID”- theres no software needed. Either your computer will mount the block-or it wont.
You may need to reset the computer to get it to show up- use your favorite “drive setup software”- and have fun.

If you want a NAS:

	QNAP and Synology have a few to match your needs.
	"Network attached" costs more than "Direct Attached" (you can probably share files- from the attached computer, yourself)

TAPE Backups??

You need to learn the inns and outs and quirks of using said.
And recently I hit a big SNAG-

	you wouldnt think that *in normal conditions* a tape drive would overheat??


These drives are meant to be in 60 degree (or cooler) datacenters.
Put a fan blowing on it- drop the heat a few degrees, turn on the AC/EVAP and put the drive above a metal computer case.
You should have no problem.
Do otherwise and youll get unannounced, unexpected backup failures and drive lockups- with no obvious cause of failure.

Its NOT your TAPES! The drive is overheating.

Windows tells you- Linux does not.
Check your logs and logging software.

While you can use about any drive you can find tapes for- I use a LTO5 SAS QUANTUM FULL-HEIGHT TAPE DRIVE.

FULL-HEIGHT was what was available on ebay(yes, it works fine).
Buy it (in working order with the xDiagnostic printout) cheap- from whereever you can, if you want one.

They are intentionally EXPENSIVE and COST-PROHIBITIVE for the end-consumer.
These are ENTERPIRSE GRADE BACKUP DEVICES- used in BIG-BOY-BADASS datacenters such as IBM, State-Farm, USAA, etc.
They are usually bought en-mass. (These companies would stop buying them- and complain loudly- if they had issues).

The tapes just “need to be hunted down”- used may be fine for non-WORM.
If you need to check the “life-meter”, use windows. Its the “management software”, not the “LTFS manager”.

Encryption CAN be used since version 4- LTFS only works with version 5 and above.

As a easier expense on your wallet-

	VXO and DDS4 seem to be still available thru ebay

No, FIREWIRE and USB(although Quantum sells some DICEY $ external models) are not going to be found on these drives.

SCSI/SCSI2/SAS/Fiber are the more common connectors you will find.
You can cross fiber(FC) off your list- your dont have that kind of connector- (or money to blow on one)

	You will likely need to backup thru your Tower PC and need to add some sort of controller card (like its a server).
	(SAS is the newer form of SCSI, like SATA is the newer form of IDE)

The tapes run between $25-30 (each)- in case you are wondering. These Tapes go with the above model.

Dont forget the STOP tag- what - you thought I was STUPID? NO.
(Dont let someone walk away with your drive)


Ive heard people complain about wanting to encrypt the “tape filesystem”.
Windows software doesnt give you this option.

Here is how to do it:

	you enable drive encryption first(talk to the drive)- THEN use "LTFS mounts"

Ive done this under Ubuntu(and debian), I know it works.



WORM tapes are being sold, USED.
A “worm tape” can only be written ONCE- you cannot reset the tape- it will automatically fast-forward to the next available “sector”.

	If someone sold you a HALF-USED WORM tape- you got sold HALF of A TAPE

But I want Optical…

Its fine to start with DVD or BLUE-RAY backups but you will soon discover that they are CHEAP FOR A REASON.
Defects on the discs, dust, grime, grease, fingerprints all inhibit “data restoration”.

(Drives arent made like they used to be- with cartridges)

ONE SCRATCH- or peice of dirt/dust on the disc prior to burning(caught in the laser’s burn stream)


These take a lot of time time (especially if you compress data) to burn (and prepare).


Optical backups can take DAYS to do correctly, restoration is not gauranteed.
When in doubt, grab the tape drive(and buffer it).

An external drive works in a pinch, IFFFFFF all of your small files are compressed.

	Usually there dozens (or more) that you forgot about- slowing down the copy process.<br>

(This is the nature of the data we store, usually.)

Website updates

Bootstrap is gone!

Bootstrap and Fontawesome- are ..just..not.
They do nothing but clog the JS and CSS gears(and grind mine).
They add slow-slothy loading times, and are counter-productive to website loading/serving.

	This has been measured, Im not pulling anything out of my ass.

‘Ink’ is used instead.