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electronic frontier foundation

Red Hat, inc.(and sub-projects)
Fedora (open or closed sources repos)
Linux kernel developers(esp. Linus Torvaldis)

Since the FSF cant play fairly, “IT” and the “GNU” have been removed.

OPEN JPEG (2000) codec
WEBP/WEBM/Xiph codecs
Doom9 Blu-Ray Decryption specification(the little barcode thingy)
VideoLan Project(Reigon Free DVD playback on Linux)

Civil rights for ALL
UN Office of Outer Space Affairs

Xpeditions TV (yes, I have REAL space friends…)
Hedgehog Welfare society
Wine Project(WINE Is not an emulator?)
LibreOffice (free your software)

ANTI-DRM movement
Upgrade from SIN movement
Love has no labels (or limits) movement
No H8 movement (love is stronger than..yeah…)