This is going to look like ass.
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Complaints and bullshit

Does this look like a complaint department?
What about a department store?
Or an office? Well, office, maybe. But its not your typical office.

Im sorry, the complaint department is a few light years from here.
You are on your own to get there.
Best of luck.

Yes, some serious space humor for you. To be honest with you though, I REALLY DONT CARE.

If Im dissing someone or something, believe you me, I have PLENTY of REASON for doing so.
I DO MY HOMEWORK. Many of you do NOT. (See above.) Im not doing it for you.


if you are OFFENDED.

OFTEN, being OFFENDED is a GREAT motivator.

I give you the best facts possible, given circumstances.
Should somebody prove those facts are wrong, I will change what is here.

I am often RIGHT.

Those that know me or know of me, dont have to tell me what happened where when. They already know.
Often they are confirming something I already know to be true. So, I wouldnt make it a habit of questioning me.

Think whatever you want. When you speak, when you type, when you pro-ject oneself, that I will hold you to.
You can read emotion from voiceless text just as you hear it. There are mannerisms.

Some people harp on this to an extreme. I dont line by line or word by word you. I expect you to read intent.
If you cant read behind the lines, I cannot help you.You are either too ignorant or too stupid to be of use to me.
I generally dont work with either.
And I dont know many from where Im from -to use you in that state either.

And for God’s sakes, shitcan the “gun-touting paranoid xenophobia”.
Guns we will talk about.
Guns arent the issue per-se.
VIOLENCE is the issue.

If you are WORTHY write the admin@ here

Social media “flaming with a bulls shit” will NOT be tolerated. Dont let me catch you.
If I do, you will be perma-kicked and banned from the group, just like in IRC.
There will be no recourse and I dont want to hear you bitch about it.