This machine keeps warbling and spewing out papers….yeesh!
There lots of questions online, so leeme answer some of dem, please..

Q: Can hedgehoggie go outside?

A: Yes. Hedgehoggie natural habitat is outside. But hedgehoggie like humie. Why am I outside? Are you getting rids of me?

Q: Can hedgehoggie go outside when its cold?

A: Hedgehoggie doesnt like the cold and digs a yuge hole to sleeps winter in. Please keep me warm inside…

Q: Is the beach ok?

A: I can must like dig! When Im not diggin at the Beach, I go for long walks in the wet sands….this place is strange!

Q: Is inside ok? I got all dis room….

A: They called it hedgie-proofing. I gets into everything– you no pays attention? I like WARM and DARK places UNDER things or in cabinets….guess where Im hiding… but I suppose if you have a tall fence, Ill stay in here and runs in circles…

Q: Can I feed this? Can I feed THAT?

A: My my my…..what is food, humie? I like MEAT. I like chewy things.
Please feed me things I can eat.

When does hedgehoggie eat COW? COW are YUGE! But COW is meat?…hmmm…NOO…
RED meat, no good. “White meats” please.


So what does people on the bottom of the forest on four legs eat, then?

Berries Nuts Small dates, raisins

..and WORMIES!!

Small yogurts is okay too.

Q: I can buy or get a hedgehoggie – can I take him/her home?

A: ERRRRP! Not so fast there mister!
The FedZey says yes you can, please take very good care of me- dont throw me aways.
But your landlady sez HELL NO!

What has eye done to deserve dis?

I just exists under protected laws.
LandLady sez I dont wanna break no laws kicking out people so no “special pets”. NONE. SO SORRY.

This no fairs!! Complain HUMIE…COMPLAIN!!!!
I dont like landlady…..

Maybe hedgehoggie “big brother” can leave humie somewhere and throws him/her away…that be funny…
“jokes on ewe” humie…

Ok, looks like dats it for now…time to sleep…