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A warm-blooded worm-eating nocturnal insectivore that doesnt like to be bothered.
A free and independent spirit who does not follow a leader or a group or a hive-mind.

The european definition:

    A recluse (like a monk) and/or widow

happie hedgehog

-Image courtesy WiseGEEK

But sometimes Im a Mean-ole pokey-monster w attitude…


Dont mess wiff me! I nose H8 ewe…jes leaf me alone….

Aint I cute?
Im a huffing puffing ball of ouch when I dont like you or you wake me up or ewe being MEAN.
Im hogging all the toothpicks and they aint coming out!

Of course you know about this famous hedgehog, Sonic.

O O.. You meant this one

The tales of THAT hedgehog will be told another day.
Lots of people mistake or name thier hedgehog as ‘Sonic’.
PLEASE pick another name….

You will probably outgrow me (or bore of my pokey-ness) before I finish nudging you…
As always, nose around for some nummy tidbits…


Theres a lot of huffing and puffing going on and this is a huffing and puffing website.
Only the “hedgehog areas” are 4H friendly. (your 9yo kid nose more than you think)

Im not running five different websites(two is plenty, thank you) to host all of my content.

Speaking of huffing and puffing…there is now a gibby gabby section…be hedge-hoggedly…
All you like…

After these messages[from our sponsors]…. we’ll be right back..

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