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Neccesita Translaccion?!?

    Sonic at DISNEY???

    Here we have what appears to be a Roy+Wittman artifact- showing its age–
    in a “discreet corner” of DisneyLand/EPCOT.

    sonic at disneyland

    Nobody wants to comment on it from the Ownership gallery- it seems.
    -Which can beg one to wonder- since the “old palette shades and styles” are used–

    	Did the Mouse come before the Hedgehog
    	The Hedgehog come before the Mouse?

    This appears as “concept art” behind a glass case.
    Someone doesnt know how to shoot thru glass- and caught the reflection.

    Perhaps this is part of the CyberCafe offered?
    (SEGA seems to “hang out” in such places- even at “white Beach”, Okinawa)