Its been a rough few months.Prepping, planning, hope-ing….

Im not had much time to update the blog- or any website- for a long time.

Some of this is due to a new tape drive. I wanted to have an Enterprise-Grade backup.
Its one thing to talk about it- to struggle with multiple hard disks(all of which can be erased, to fight the computer with optical backups that may or may not read months from now- but when youre talking NAS/DAS(Network and disk attached storage in TERABYTES), and HARD COPY ICE COLD STORAGE TAPE BACKUP- theres no messing around.

You certainly need it. So you need to learn the inns and outs and quirks of using said.
And recently I hit a big one- you wouldnt think that in normal conditions a tape drive(or xbox original for that matter) would overheat and cause generic general failure lockups?? WRONG!!! These drives are meant to be in 60 degree (or cooler) datacenters. Put a fan blowing on it- drop the heat a few degrees, turn on the AC/EVAP and put the drive above a metal computer case. You chsould have no problem. Do otherwise and youll get unannounced, unexpected backup failures and drive lockups-encrypted or not- with no obvious cause of failure.

Windows tells you- Linux does not. Check your logs and logging software.

This said- everything is backed up and we have a backup plan for the array/NAS and we can get back to work(or play) now.
What killed me(sorry sweetie) was a housing fiasco and substandard “rental” in Superior,AZ. Nice town, reasonable folk- shitty home owner and wanna-be property management company(THUG/MAFIA). This has made me broke for several months- even borrowing money to make it thru paydays.

VA is not helping- helped cause this mess. Voc Rehab could have fixed this mess- given me a buffer zone. Can I have it? NO- because of incompetent assholes leeching a paycheck from controactor NORTHROP GRUMMON.

I should right them about this abuse. (DONT MIND ME-furious as HEDGE…)

So im in recory mode now- at a undisclosed Phoenix-based temporary apartment complex. I hope soon to be blogging from the road on a spanky new website created for that purpose. Maybe that one can actually turn a profit?? People are claiming that it can- I dont think theyre lying about 25K in extra income. It would be the fastest scam, ever- and scams like that get ousted fast. These people have been doing this for some time- and started recently, the information is less than 2 years old. Others have chosen this path- even at my age and succeeded very well at it– but the path is not for everyone. It does require equity or large cash down payments and a lot of research, homework, (work) and planning or co-ordination. BUT IT IS POSSIBLE TO DO- and DO WELL.

So I will see you on the other site- it will be live shortly. Its got a catchy name, too.