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Neccesita Translaccion?!?

    After These Messages …

    Hey, HUMIE- did you notice how much a pain PAY-treon is?
    There’s this cool new shiny alternative called BitBacker

    This site is Proudly hosted on the “NoBODY-NoWhere Network” called ZeroNet.
    Do check it out. Python is required to engage the system.

    ActiveState Python

    This site brought to you - by the letters…

    M, and L...

    (its an inside joke)

    This site supports the following but doesnt necessarily donate to these causes.

    World Vision-Water Drilling for 3rd world countries
    electronic frontier foundation

    Red Hat, inc.(and sub-projects)
    Fedora (open or closed sources repos)
    Linux kernel developers(esp. Linus Torvaldis)

    Since the FSF cant play fairly, “IT” and the “GNU” have been removed.
    The reason for this is ultimate-freedom pushing on Linux Distributions.

    A “Libre OS” will have problems and “complain loudly” whereas a non-free (mostly consumer choice)
    will be able to do things like play DVDs and BDROM movies- listen to MP3s, watch x264 movies..etc.
    DENYING people the choice is “almost as bad” as forcing “restricted codecs” on people.

    Linux is seriously broken, crippled, or hardware is crippled instead to avoid running it.
    (This is why the ANTI-DRM movement is underway.)

    OPEN JPEG (2000) codec
    WEBP/WEBM/Xiph codecs
    Doom9 Blu-Ray Decryption specification(the little barcode thingy)
    VideoLan Project(Reigon Free DVD playback on Linux)

    Civil rights for ALL
    UN Office of Outer Space Affairs has been removed “pending future analysis”.(Not because the website is down)

    Hedgehog Welfare society
    Wine Project(WINE Is not an emulator?)

    ANTI-DRM movement
    Upgrade from SIN movement
    Love has no labels (or limits) movement
    No H8 movement (love is stronger than..yeah…)

    BITGive foundation
    make a wish Foundation
    World-Wide Make a wish Foundation
    stella buy a lady a drink cups
    no kid hungry campaign