Got Verbage?

Dont let the admins have all the fun.

These “people” often have permissions associated with them.
If properly implemented, so do the clusters.

If you dont know what I’m talking about….
you havent been an admin long enough.

Yes, these are actual terms.


	God (they say Im nuts for calling out reportbug version 6.6.6....)

Server Clusters(commonly seen with “rats nests” wiring jobs):

	Domains(Linux) [hence the domain name and DNS]

The O-So-Generic one now used everywhere is “cloud”, meaning its “out there somewhere”, but usually meaning:

“my private data area” or “the internet as a whole”.

Yes, at one time, it was referred that way. These days, its more personal.

Why have these “people” at all?
Dont ask me…
if you are nobody, I should not see you on the server, everybody is waaay too generic for ‘world’ access permissions.
(Properly named)

You dont want EITHER of these conditions.

If your “root” or “Administrator” is a valid login, consider yourself ALREADY HACKED.

Linux goes a step further on the filesystem.


You are either the owner, part of the owners group, or other.

Heres a hint: “Other” should ALWAYS be ZERO.
Octal 770 for example(rwxrwx—)


Web servers should host and should NEVER allow people to generically access files, it should serve them (as www user) instead.

Some of my Linux tweaks are more of the same. If you dont need to be there, why are you trying to get there?

And anybody who thinks OTHERWISE is DEAD WRONG.
WRONG security mindset.
I told you…
Its a DYING FAD these days.

MacOS has capped at TEN and Sin-dows is following suit.
Time for Linux to take over the DESKTOP.