“GO GO Sonic warrior?”

“The power is in your mind..
To save the planet and con-quer time!”
-by Masafumi Ogata / Casey Rankin


Back to the future?

Im gonna let you decide.
I favor the first, and no, its not by Nilsen.
The AMERICAN/EUROPEAN track, however, is.
But enough about a videogame….(Sonic CD)

I was talking about the TIME traveling HEDGEHOG, portrayed in the (attached) game.
He is portrayed as running so fast that even time cannot hold him still(mind you with some magic help).

WARNING: Temporal anomaly detected. Tread with Care!

As my ‘wife’ once put it:

	"Where one goes now, beyond time and space, one just might not be able to recover or return from..."

YES, just like THAT.

So Jeb wants to Jab, eh?
Does he even know what he’s joking about?
Lets see…

well, the good ole US of EN (Yes, USN) has something on this.
Y is the US of EN always involved with really weird shit?

	TOR Networks(ONION)


Yes, hold onto your hats folks.

The US Navy has experimented with TIME.

Its called the Philadelphia Experiment.
It was FULLY documented and published.
People have already come clean about it.
They threw a whole ship into a vortex and minutes later it emerged elsewhere, a journey that should normally taken days to weeks to travel.

SADLY, the “mission” FAILED miserably.
The crew was either severely sickened and disoriented (well, DUH!) or thrown through entire bulkheads in some cases.

Rumor has it the experiment happened twice, officially.

The first instance started the operation but could not be stopped.

So a team of a few people jumped backwards in time to fix the problem to shut it down.
They used a land based system for that.
And a major problem like that would be understood, actually.

Believe it or not, Shatner touched on it in one of the Star Trek movies.

The warp engine got stuck into overdrive and had to be forced out of it before the Enterprise got smashed to bits by a space rock.

What happens is that the ships hull is part of the ships electrical system.(Negative ground)

This causes TWO faults.


  1. All current is sent into the already live ships electrical systems, triggering a runaway condition. To avoid this, the time circuit would have to be portable running off its own power supply.Generally speaking this is not easy to do on a ship as the circuit requires a high amount of power to operate. Such power is generally not available to be made portable or seperate from the existing ship systems.
  2. The ships hull acts to amplify the already electrified temporal circuit, acting as a mega antenna. This should be avoidable by utilizing some sort of shield array. But this world doesnt officially (well en-mass production anyhoo) have that sort of technology.

As far as we know, the experiment was never duplicated on a Navy ship.
On Land?
Do we really know?

We know for a fact that jumpgates like the one above were used to send people to/from Mars (NSA source) and I have it from a good “space people source” that other places (worlds) have been jumped to as well.

From my understanding of how the gates work, it would be a trivial maneuver to modify a time gate into a location gate.

Of course you would be jumping blindly unless you hijacked someone else’ equipment…
which from what Im told appears to be the case.

Other civilians have made claims of temporal travel via special places or configurations of hand-made gates that they are using.

Astral Project from what Im told is generally how it works without the gate itself or special earth energy vortex, which happens naturally in certain places.
I know at least two individuals (civilians) making claim to have used a time device.

One is in Kansas, the other is in Russia somewhere.

Claim has been made that time cops (temporal MIB?) were made aware of certain jumps made by one of these individuals.

Names withheld for obvious reasons.
Im sure you can do your homework.
The how-to guide costs less than $50.
Yes, Ive seen the documents and it appears sound.
Even if the logic seems a tad off.
Then again, people have made circuits that are not supposed to work, and they do apparently.

Then there is the weird WunderWaffle Nazi SS Acorn that just “appeared” in Pennsylvania.
It seemed to have hieroglyphic alien writing on it.
People are calling it the German “Bell”. (Die Glock)
It is PA’s “Area51 event”.

(Oh this gets intel-esting…)
There is a ship off of South America that discovered a Nazi route into the South Pole..
not much is known about this event, claims are that Nazi tech got put on the South Pole in or near a base somehow.

Reports seem to indicate some sort of UFO base may be there, or at least was.
We know from documents that the Nazi were playing around with the design, but from what Ive seen, those designs mimic what the AF was toying with:

	Nothing close to what the Grey's use. 

A flying lightweight silver disc-type aircraft, that may have hovered under its own power.

Certainly neither nuclear nor warp capable.
Assuming its a warp drive and not a frequency resonant “jump” drive, as similar ships appear to use.