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I want software.


The question is:

Hard Disks
hard disks

-Boy have we come a looooong way is 35 years….

Some things got moved to save server space, so some of my ISOs have been removed.

The myOS(fedora “twenties” on acid) release will probably be peer shared, keeping in mind that I have limited upstream and this will take forever.
Since this is a custom non-free spin, nobody else can really host it.


It only violates a NON-FREE spec, what you use is your business, keeping in mind some companies IE:


Frown on decryption of DVD and BLURAY content.(which this spin allows)

You are warned ahead of time about “legal ramifications of decrypting content” that you “own”. I advise you to read up on legality, unless you JUST DONT CARE.

FAIR USE says nothing about decryption, it merely says you have the right to a one-off copy of multimedia, provided its for YOU only.

People just managed to figure out the encryption sequence on thier own and then started dumping BDROM movie title keys.
Although VLC and mplayer dont dump keys(self-auth, just as makeMKV but for DVD) some still frown on what is done here.

MakeMKV does not leak keys, but the source is PRIVATE. It does not play content, neither.

I have noticed that someone on the Zero is mirroring Linux.
Good on you.

As such: Look for ZeroLinux.bit or the “legit author of the distribution” for an ISO.
Im not copying those here. It takes up too much room and torrents and mirrors are up world-wide.

You will see torrents here.
Get used to it.


(no internet? wikiPedia down? no problem) [It apears that these are out of date, will attemp to fix this.]

-You need the Kiwix viewer below AND some ZIMs (ZIM pack) My source is the official Kiwix site for these, but I will save the hassle of find them for you.

YMMV if you use another “wiki” viewer.

(I have noticed that the app wants to index the offline copy for whatever reason. Due to its size, this seems to want to take weeks….so maybe a offline index needs to be added here–if possible?)

You dont want comments in your DL, so dont fetch the wikis directly.

Viewer apps are around 75MB each. I will attempt to link instead to these.

ZIM packs:







GutenBerg -use viewer above
(Seems not to include the kiwix viewer for some reason…)


Wikipedia “May 2015” edition available as 48GB BDROM-split file. (ONLY VIA MAIL ORDER.)

Gutenberg (Books) also available via MAIL ORDER. This is the ENTIRE Archive. Another 40GB.

I will accept other requests if you really are in a pinch, but they sit on DVD/HDDVD/BDROM so plan accordingly.
Im not re-splitting a BDROM ISO onto smaller media(can only reliably be done with debian), you need to go upgrade your optical drive.
Really it doesnt cost that much.

Browser Plugins

Your FOREFRONT to keeping hackers out by keeping you off of those nasty websites to begin with. 90% of hacks out there exploit some form of browser or email client vulnerability to get in.

Once inside, they try and escalate to admin or root mode.
Then they do the nasty with your PC or Mac.

Nothing is IDIOT proof but these should stop most of you from getting infected in the first place. Added since this should be a priority on ANY OS you may run. To top it off, most of your browser default setting are rubbish and either leak info or track you.

Browser Plugins

This is a PC by PC fix. There is no ROUTER solution, however, I have found a corporate policy method that works if you deploy Mozilla Products.

PALE MOON seems unsecure given recent hacks.

I dont run Chrome. The sandbox feature is a joke and easily gotten out of.What a sense of FALSE security.

Safari AKA WebKit clones(midori,dillo, etc.) may have the addon feature.If they dont, use what is available. Yes, Safari WILL work under Wine.

Super Adblock trick

Use Ba.net DNS on your router config page. The paid servers are worth it. Insta-PI hole for ads. PI-Hole is good in theory but not in practice. If DNS isnt working correctly its because servers have just come up and are not configured, but this SHOULD NEVER happen.

-This is as-per the guy running the DNS PI-hole at Ba.net

Gibson Research (GRC) has a DNS tool to will help with public unencrypted connection setup.
(You may want to consider ENCRYPTED DNSSEC options such as dns-proxy)

Or other open options such as and the newer NXT domain server list(resolves .onion, .bit, etc)


-And I hope you listened..

Your first line of defense against hacking and OOPSIES and WTF now moments when SHTF is a BACKUP. THAT MEANS COPY COPY COPY your data. You can use online services but Id recommend a local copy on either optical media or hard drive. Its called a SET for a reason.


Yes, mine is rather LARGE. Those are ALL BLU-RAYS.

Linux users can use the scrambled opticals post.

This works quite well.
PGP mode doesnt work but password option does.


	WinRAR(best, use splits option)
    Peazip or 7-zip+ HJSplit

Work well. then burn as usual. Id reccommend setting a password on this and putting it somewhere safe.

(DAR works better at data recovery)

Linux wont read Windows Shadow copy backups.
These getting a pain to do these days.(Thank SCREW-YOU-SOFT)


	TM(Time Machine) backups are mounted via fuse. TMFS package.

ALWAYS keep a BACKUP SET HANDY. I recommend 3-6 month backups. YMMV.


Something is running.

I can do stuff.
But what IS it really?

Something is sitting under all of these applications.
Lets nosedive into whats available…


Some basic information about Linux.

Linux has flavors, or distributions that communities have gathered around bushes and firepits for.

Debian(The Universal OS):

The basis of some parts of the free world that want nothing to do with coroprate dictatorships because theyre a bunch of winey bitches…
-Yes, thats my professional opinion.

Debian breaks WAAAY too much for anything stable.
Speaking of ‘stable’….its too fucking dated to be of use for anyone….

I really like the circlefuck logic on fixing security holes… real inbreeds for project maintainers and bug reportees here.
(you know who you are)


UBUNTU is put together by a corporation.
Debian doesnt like the fact that this is derived from upstream(yes, up river) code from the Debian project and patched to hell.

-But they suck it up.

This is a VERY POPULAR Release.

Canonocial’s original idea behind this was a “FREE as in UBUNTU” (everyone benefits) design concept.

For some reason they have taken the Mandela movie out of recent releases.

UBUNTU/Canonocial actually MAY introduce more bugs than Debian.
I would ADVISE sticking to the LTS(long term service) releases.

This team, like RedHat teams, has PAID SUPPORT and server versions available at the main website.
There are also ported releases for other system architechtures but you must do some looking around.
BE SURE to match the release version to those I have given you.
There are a LOT of numbers floating around.

IF you KNOW UBUNTU, you KNOW DEBIAN. Dont be confused.
They are made by two seperate teams but run the SAME SOURCE CODE.

This is very obvious if you ever find a bug because the issue is with upstream debain sources, not ubuntu ones unless you find out otherwise.

There are some minor difference but most Debian instructions apply since its made from Debian.



To the Hats we go. Eveything “weaved” here is by the same company.

Note on Chapeau (the French word for ‘Hat’, probably from a French team):

	They fucked themselves. I DO NOT CARE. I DONT WANT THIER SHIT. I SPUN it BETTER. :-P

RED HAT INC is known for its RED ones.
Its like being a REBEL in the Linux world.
You can buy every other color but RED…

Performance wise:

These is no likeness to UBUNTU/LinuxMint as neither uses such bleeding edge as Fedora.
We are WAAY ahead of Debian by far.(welcome to developer land)
FEDORA stands apart on its own.
Welcome to the nosebleed section of bleeding edge.
On the upside, you are pushed updates faster than anyone else.

Red Hat

(since Fedora is a side-project of Red Hat)

Red Hat makes ** Enterprise-level SERVER GRADE** software and they have for years.
They dont exactly see Linus the same way as others.
But grateful to him, im sure, nonetheless.

As such, most of thier products are pay-thru-the-nose.
As far as clients/workstations(yes, your PC) go:

    Pricing as nearly reasonable to Micro-Shaft

Plan accordingly.

People got pissed of at RED and RED decided to cave in and then came along…..


This is Red Hat(with a fedora installer?) minus all of the super secret business patches that go into making RedHat.

So if you want to try but arent sure about Red Hat, Try this.

Performance wise:

	RED HAT/CentOS is to likeness of DEBIAN STABLE.  


(They say not to throw stones at these houses…)

We all know what SIN is….

You took the RED pill. YOU are living in SIN.(No, this is backwards, but you get the idea…)


Abandon all tech support ye who enter here.
You made this choice and are stuck with it until you wise up.


If I HAVE to fix your SIN, I will charge you $35/hr. PERIOD.

Add-ons and hacks


	SpyBot search and Destroy
	VeraCrypt(you dont want people in your PORN collection do you? AHEM.)

install this and kiss installer one-zeys BUH BYE.

Open Command Prompt HERE
Take Ownership

VLC should play back media (VCD/DVD/Blu-ray…)
You can use SMPlayer if you like.

Install as much open source software as you like.
Libreoffice, audacity,etc. are available..do some searching.
WPS office is a compact alternative if you want that. Its worth a mention.
Gimp can do most of what Photoshop can do.

Alternative-to is a good resource to find out what to look for.

If you CANT run SIN, why dont you give my Linux offerings a try?


(I dont know what to do! -OR- my system is borked!)

The case for the LIVE CD… (Linux links are above.)
There are a FEW anti-virus rescue discs..try them.
(Ive noted that most are running unice as of late, so you need a shortcut to shutodwn SIN “correctly” first.)

I have to warn you the best utilities are often Linux based.
A, or even MY, Linux live cd (MyOS) can be a lifesaver.

Then theres the fixme sticks…
..which apparently half-ass things.


(Disk Operating System)

  • You went WHERE?



Version 1.1 is not available in LIVE format, only installer.
Works for DOS programming, etc.(YEAH, like WHO uses DOS these days?)
Supported within DosEmu or DosBox or VirtualBox.

notes on dos


(My knee-deep wading into [Free]Pascal so far)

There is lots of code I have for Pascal. Most of it is dated beyond DOS.If you need code, just ask. Other code is mirrored online in places. (which apparently are charging for hosting now)

more info

For a time I compiled my OS from within MacOS, so YES FPC is possible on Macintosh.


(Yes, I went there, NO…ITS NOT homework..mebbe it SHOULD be..)

Mostly, though, this section is for my COFFEE OS code. This is MY attempt at “FreePascal OS development”.

It was behooved and riddled with errors along the way, some minor, some very very major.

This is FreePascal code, it will NOT compile under BP or TP7, though most of it is similar to code in the past.
It is generally 32-bit code.
It takes advantage of GRUB and PC boot methods prior to 64-bit boot implementation(which is still buggy in places).

Yes, I attempted this some time ago. YES and YES, this is usually a BS degree “pet project” of people working on thier degree.

Shows you how much I know. I have the latest code, and three prior revisions available. This is ABANDONED Work IN PROGRESS.

If you can pick it up, let me know.

The idea was to fix what Linus shortfalling were and pick up the rest from his work at the Linux foundation from C.

So yeah, know C- sure.
Write it? HELL NO.

OS is as documented as I can do.



-Literally, the “hacked Mac”

This is an unpoular wann-be rebel hackjob to unlock the MacOS to run on standard(and sometimes cloned stock) hardware.
This is a movement that APPLE basically looks the other way on.
APPLE does not like this, however.


Hacking the mac

-Have an awesome time.