NASA called out?

Im just gonna put this here….
…yep yep..right on the hedge-a-ma-blog…

Did a Naval Media mate just catch NASA OPP(office of planetary protection) in a lie–or worse?

If you look at the legitimate USAJOBS posting, there is an office somewhere in Alabama taking applications to “protect the planet from microbes”(as announced to the media)..however, further look-see a the jobs post seems to indicate that the office is looking for a “space-person” or “space-trained-person” of interest to protect EARTH(SOL3) from ET(intelligent sentience)…

No, dont be deluded..this is how it reads(job requirements):

	"History of Diplomatic peaceful WIN-WIN negotiations history with others"
	"previous history of 'planetary protection' requested"

Theres more to the story than NASA wants to admit or the whole idea was to catch ET folks and starseeds in a LIE.
Embarass and expose me? Eat my middle finger. Matter of fact- heres one from PAUL.


On a more serious note:

Application to NASA is attached (dont get finicky-the important stuff is blacked out- he he…) opp-my-ass