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-“we cant help it if were animated”… ..And yes thats a DIRECT QUOTE…

Exopolitical? Thats your idea. Those ideas floating around the net are falsehoods.
So why didnt I just come out and say it? You know what this post is about.

The Federation.

It was titled that way to attempt to explain the “creative freedom” extended to Gene Roddenberry.

You have noted this is a HEDGEHOG site, not a STAR TREK fan page.

I love you guys, I really really do, but I dont have time for those places. And arguing about facts, really? Youre supposed to be beyond that.

Yet posts like THIS as HERE. GEE, wonder WHY that is…..maybe theres some sort of CONNECTION perhaps?

Obviously time will tell but one things for sure. The source is legitimate and verifiable by more than one person living in more than one place not following any sort of occult(or other) leader in the process.

The information is generally gathered through non-physical means. (channelling, telepathy, etc. etc.) Physical encounters with non-humans have also been noted (and documented). MUFON comes to mind.

The mass delusion is that humans(Terrans) are the master race in the galaxy (or at least this part of THIS one).

Most of your neighbors are NOT human(Terrans). Not to confuse Terran with humanoids, which if youd been watching Star Trek you would know the difference.

Humanoids, though living on similar worlds and environments have nothing to do with being human. The reference is to bi-pedal stature and high order intelligence of the races in question.

As Doc. Wolf(former NSA) put it in Catchers of Heaven:

“Mommy mommy theres a MONSTER under my bed…” “No dear, thats the family secret, the alien(Grey in this case). Try making friends.”

“Cookie monster” is a personal rolling joke from a few light years away.


“Through the rabit hole” comes to mind.

So , that said, I present(though posted elsewhere) an UPDATED and CLARIFIED definition.

Galactic Federation:

The Galactic Federation is a Group of Members forming Councils to address the many issues facing this Galaxy.

All of the “Ethnic” Groups of ET Beings, humonoid and non-humanoid are represented. The goal of The Galactic Federation is to work jointly on projects that benefit the Galaxy as well as navigating disagreements using Council Meetings in a cooperative effort to maintain peace.

As a part of this the GF maintains an established relationship with the Galactic Alliance, which is militarized, unlike the civilian Federation.It is also seen as rather forceful in demeanor, but assists in ways that the Federation normally would or could not.This includes military intervention and dark operations, most of which have saved countless lives.

We cannot be grateful enough for what they do.

The Alliance has many technologies that even parts of the Federation itself may not have access to. It is also seen as the highest order of councils(inter-world council) to make appeals to.They represent races and worlds, maybe even star systems and galaxies the Federation will not, has not, or cannot have dealings with.

The very ELITE of the ELITE make up the Alliance and are held to a much more extreme standard.You are more than likely to find Terran races in the Alliance, vice the opposite(mostly humanoid) in the Federation.

Before I go further on the who and the what or the means there is an important distinction that needs to be made.

The Federation seems to be a two part organization.

	The 'Normal' Group of us (with best intentions)
	LightWorker Counsel members (energy case-workers)

One would think that there are those unwilling to help or stop by and this may in fact be the case. However, there are other ways to help cause change for the better. Apparently this group of ET beings are the select few.

So how do those that arent coming make a difference? Through the only non-physical means available.

	astral projection

Are they chosen? Much higher energy? may haps. Some want to say energy only entities or beings who have passed.
Others seem to think higher order Light Workers such as Christ or Buddha or Vishnu or the like.

So basically you have these light workers(meet your space counterparts) and those directly involved. The light worker side seems to be a little more documented (publicly).

To ease understanding:

	"Mother Sekhmet(lion people/feline humanoid) at the healm on the FlagShip Niburu,
	Admiral Sananda(the christ) and Captain Ashtar on the FlagShip The New Jerusalem,
	Archangel Michael on the FlagShip The New Bethlehem,
	Athena on the FlagShip The Dove,
	Soltec on the FlagShip The Phoenix
	Arcturus with his Medical Fleets of Ships."

All of which seem to be energy light workers or indirectly involved.

In all practicality the truth is somewher in the middle. Most you will find may in fact be like you, have your higher intentions in mind, and be very ‘down to earth’ or understood. Much like you, and as its been put “with a LOT of fancy gear(and abilities)”. THESE WILL BLEND IN. YOU WILL NOT NOTICE THEM usually. They are NOT half-breeds like some Grey(EBEN)s. They would be “humans from elsewhere”.

I said there were two parts. That was the light worker part – those that want to assist in energy work, master healers, etc.

The rest of us are more normal than you think. That by any means does NOT make us any LESS holy or enlightened. And most of THOSE types are NOTHING like you. Dog noses, fur, tails… you get the point. And believe you me, we dont ACT like you, neither. You can tell. WE GO BUMP in the night, are the shadows in your nightmares and creepy encounters in the woods…but MONSTERS, no.


There is some confusion about Ashtar it seems as he has visited EARTH briefly, so not having physical form (and existing only as energy) and being a light worker is not necessarily true. It has been rumored that this is generally the case, however.

Not to say such beings may not exist or that all beings do not exist in such a way.The Matrix will give you an idea (Neo sees without sight).

On a more physical note(added info):

“Sonic (and team) [plus relatives] and thier fleet(well armada, really) of ships including:

	An enterprise-like ship
	a Reptilian transport vessel
	a whole fleet of custom unique fighter craft (mostly for defense) 
	and on occasion other smaller transport ships.

A whole group of transport(and medical supply) ships attached to a space station near the lion people/feline homeworld.

[think there is more than one of these, Sirius being another.] (Each ship with its own Captain of course)”

Surprised yet?

The idea of a little guy(heh, little, hardly…) who is fast on his feet and helps others in need is nothing to fantasize about.

Everyone likes a hero.

In other places, people have blue coloring.So its not as far out there as one might think that a DARK BLUE HEDGEHOG in SPACE helps out everyone he can.



the ‘physical people’ info seems a tad generic. Its not intentional.

Its just that there is no ONE specific individual to name (hence a FEDERATED SPACE ORGANIZATION) , assuming these people wanted direct contact with you. You generally dont knock on strangers doors and invite them over for coffee. Maybe you chat over a beer at a bar, but not over coffee next door.

Your direct neighbors and friends are generally the ones invited over.

I dont have confirmation yet that those I knew want to be contacted directly by humans. There is interest and curiosity of course, but a direct contact or telepathic contact desire has not been noted. One can only speak from experience on the matter.

Of course you are all equals and we place no distinction of any race or people above another. However, you are either ready for us or you are not.

It is that simple.

Even Warp capable races have to be openly admitted and welcomed and put on a trial basis until they have proved themselves. You have failed to prove yourselves yet. You are VERY dangerous.

And dont think we are denying you because of warp capability.

One, you were offered and threw down and caused a rukus. 
TWO, you have anti-matter in containment at CERN. Or at least you HAD.

Nacelle-based usage of it is not far off (build-the-enterprise.org), IF you wanted and had the nudge in the right direction. Obviously safety is of utmost importance, especially with such dangerous materials in your hands.

Its like saying IRAN and KOREA have a nuke warhead ready to fire.

	Do you test thier resolve and continue to punish them? 
	Do you sanction them further?
	Do you go to war with them?
	Do you accept thier challenge and on basis of mutual assured destruction (MAD) call them an equal?

We are nothing like you and we take things like violence VERY serious. Some cannot begin to fathom how ISIS just ‘is’. How can you do this to yourselves?

-But… as I said, there is also spiritual issues at bay. SO the question begs:

ARE YOU doing it to yourselves? Or are you being corrupted?

On that note, interactions here have been limited at best.

This other posted information tries to explain why:

“The planet of Earth is in quarantine and will remain so until this evolutionary process matches that of other planetary entities in your solar system. The war syndrome will not be permitted to extend beyond your moon. Although there may be many wars in space within your immediate area, no militarily aggressive people will be allowed to colonize and spread Earth concepts to any other planets.

Many other beings on other planets know of Earth but will not assist any to venture to their lands with the existing war-like aggressive attitudes.”

-I could not have put it better myself. And thats almost verbatim of what I said and have been saying about Earth.

That said:

	Others, even from the LightWorker side of the Federation it seems have been here.
	Naturally, safety is paramount and visits are often short.
	This planet is horrible flooded with dark ops and war machines, and the behest of 'peace'.

I can continue ad nauseum as per known planets or races on those planets known to exist, either though myself or others.

That information is still being compiled and fact checked. Most of this information in the past by others that has been posted is inaccurate and false. Without further guidance from interstellar sources like the Federation or Alliance, proving this information will be challenging.

	I say, let the science do the work for you.

Known inhabited worlds(so far):

[did not say whether Alliance or Federated worlds]

Some planets are 4th, like Mars, not 3rd place like Earth.

GEE, what a name. EARTH. Like Ground. Like Dirt. REAL CREATIVE, there…
Sol3 fits better but its a tad confusing the name scheme. Some prefer Solar 3, but again, very generic.

Tau Ceti
Alpha Centauri (Rigel Kent, depending on who you ask. Binary system with Dwarf star)
Altara(AKA Altair Aquila)
Pleadies (CLUSTER?)
Lyrae (1-3?)
Alpha Draconis(there is a name for a star or planet but I will have to check my files)
Zeta Reticuli [1 and 2, another binary system] AKA SERPO
Pavonia(AKA Delta Pavonis), part of Gilese cluster.
--GEE, a TON of focus here as of LATE...HMMM...me wonders why....

Niburu [at one time rumored to home the annunaki, may be dead now] a red dwarf star.

Im sure there are water worlds and others. This is a work in progress.

ALONE? Hardly.
Unless you force us away.

The Alliance wants to intervene here and hopes you can learn to behave. It seems the LightWorkers of the Federation had them beat according to some sources(known to the PENTAGON at said time).

–Who am I to argue with GOD and higher enlightened beings?

Naturally the rest of us will follow suit when the time is appropriate.

Speaking of time: And time itself may be a factor. Rumor has it time plays out differently elsewhere but this parsec or so seems to be affected in some manner that other places might not be so affected.

–Or maybe its just someone else interpretation of past events in my former life?

HMMMM….I’ll know when I get back home I guess…. ..when that will be? GOD only knows…