Litterally, the gigantic dish in the Dominican Republic of Puerto Rico. (@NAICObservatory for those on twitter)

NASA uses it all the time.
So does SETI and other projects.

Ive mentioned this a few times already. So lets just dive in here. This planet sent a message. It was the first of its kind. The first of many.

The message was a supposed joke, but the message itself is based on factual scientific evidence.

Watch where you point that thing!
The proper response is:


The message was actually sent TWICE, from two different locations. Message response seems to have come from VEGA, it is the closest star system to where the satellite would have been pointed at the time.Yes, I confirmed this with Stellarium by rolling back the date.Very nice piece of software I might add.

So, if we sent a message and there was a responce…what was it?

Seems to indicate a Grey type of race.(Big heads, dark eyes, short stature, etc.) MUFON website has details about current activity in the skies. There are other crop circle websites, even books on the crop circles.But this particular(two) are UNDENIABLE proof of a DIRECT response to a message (and clearly indicate some sort of space based transmitter)

AMO website I also have scanned hard copy in case the website goes down.

Alone? Hardly! The truth is RIGHT HERE. No TIN FOIL needed.


As of July 19th 2017 we have “official contact” report from ARICEBO with what appears to be a Project Serpo (ZR) remnant.
These three remaining were supposed to be dead, unless someone else is using the equipment that either was left behind or was in fact hidden to be left behind. IF so, we need more information.

However, I did ask my Federation friends to establish a link to Earth via radio waves around San Diego timeframe (2010) or earlier. The project ended around 05-06 (BRUTALLY) when we were in or near the Persian Gulf on the ESSEX. I found out about it later on but had some skechy details. The contact was supposedly to get Earth onboard to the other space organizations, and moreso for me to get home by establishing contact back to my crew.

It is nearly impossible to contact oneself from 11LY away using your own frequency bands. There has to be someone there that knows your setup and has similar equipment.

The system is Ross- check it out in stellarium.

These are US MILITARY MAJESTIC operatives with rank, title, and clearance for a very classified op that just went public.

So I have a few questions once were done cracking the code:

	Whats up?
	Why now?
	How come you didnt contact whoever dropped you off?
	Is there some reason youre calling home knowing the reply will take time?
	And can you take one last order to return to base?

NASA has a ion network to work with propogtion delays and SETI/Aricebo needs to be linked into it if not already.

These are 11 year old ciphers and shouldnt prove too difficult to crack with GPU ttols like hashcat and similar and high end graphics chips, that most of us are using for coin mining anyways…..