I had one chance (Chief swartz was being a dick) to see Chiru Sea aquarium.
I had the chance and I went.

“You have to gimmie something…this is work..” He says… -Screw Chief.

Everyone else could go multiple times, but I, (the photo-mate), couldnt go once?

I went for ME.
It was a BORING ASS bus ride to the other side of OKINAWA and I was TIRED AS SHIT.
I went anyways.

I found out later, after going, that the DICK called my Chief and a few select others were also going.

Over there you arent barred like in other places, kids practically swim with the dolphins at the aquarium. They arent the same bottle nose, but they are close enough.

The tank is about four feet high. There are other tanks, obviously.
I didnt know they had visiting tanks.

I got within arms length of one that left the pack near the trainer

You know how they are…yak yak yak (this one in japanese, so even worse for me) its feeding time or something..
you can never get close… the trainers are afraid of something just like everyone else is afraid of et making friends.

Its sad really.
Very sad.

..but here one came.
Within arms Length.
Within arms length

If I wasnt holding the Nikon camera, I might could have reached out and hugged it.
I took what I could get and played nice.

I dont think the trainer would have cared, despite being closed for little kids..
I distracted one from the group..but I dont think she would have cared.

What I got was a nice close up.

There was another tank(area under construction the sign nearby seemed to read), a female, for whatever reason..
I didnt mean to pry but there was one Marine Biologist that tried to explain dolphin age and sex (to touch a wild dolphin)..
she seemed to know enough about dolphins so I mentally took the advice.

Middle aged it seemed.
She went from swimming around to almost standing on tail staring back and the Japanese woman in front staring right at her.

I didnt want to be rude to the long-orange-haired lady but she was staring a long long time and not moving.
You know how Japanese people are- they watch you have sex in public stark naked and just stand there, watching..
I had no idea why the Japanese lady not taking a photo with orange hair wanted to do, but she was just standing there for ages it seemed.
She wasnt on the phone…

A Japanese telepath?? maybe… I wasnt getting a read from her. Just the dolphin she was staring at.

Eventually, I tired to edge closer without being too rude.
I got that picture too and a few others.

The dolphin seemed lonely to me. I know why now.
The little ones are ripped from mothers custody very often to promote dolphins for show in that area.
Its a sick and demented practice but it happens.

So Im not reccommending the place or show to anyone due to this.
The dolphin that had her tail replaced is there..(its in Japanese) ..
but why fund a corporation that is tearing families apart for profits?

And every time, they seem to be staring back at me, as if they can hear me but are just as curious about me as I them.
“The unwritten communion”, as Strieber puts it.

O they can hear you.
Theyre smiling back at you inside.

But when they come to me mentally, I am always some distance away.
It never seems to be in person.
Maybe theres an unwritten code or theyre afraid of thier trainers finding out?

I dont know.

Like Ive said, Ive never been closer.

It was an aewsome trip, despite how tired I was because of my (asshole) boss.
It was worth the ass chewing later.