Is it the ocean or a marine biology calling?
Living next to the beach with all that entails certainly has you looming for adventure and peaks your interest.

Sea World and MarineLand

Let me tell you about how different MarineLand and SEAWorld operate.
These TWO DO NOT do the same thing.

One is a conservatory and catch-and-rehab facility, the other is a beer company sponsored FREAK sideshow, which has no intent other than keeping and internally breeding cetaceans for themselves, has no other reason to do this than to make money off of you.

Both seems have been accused of doping, drugging dolphins and whales and ripping thier families apart.
This has been proven in Japan.

These have been caught trying to IVF or “breed out of season by force” it seems.
Dont tell me otherwise, Ive seen personell at these places with cetaceans in “certain obvious positions” in pics and videos that have leaked out.

Why you would do this other than to breed for YOUR CAPITIVE VIEWING ENTERTAINMENT is beyond me.
And moreso you shouldnt be “forcing it”.
Someone needs to change the practices of these organizations IMMEADIATELY.
Both have harbors in Marine Biology conservation areas.


I dont doubt there seems to be a connection at least to Marineland,
if not telepathic dolphins or other space faring species, even those partially related as “space dolphins”.
They do exist as members of the Galactic Federation, a subject for another time.

For not connecting “in person” with dolphins, for never wading in thier pools or pods or places,
I sure get a lot of messages and experiences from them.
I have been “summoned” from time to time on occasion.

Its very intense.
We are often close.
Huggable close.

You have to ask for interaction and accept that it may come whenever, even while sleeping.
That is how this universe works.

It will be “mentally initimate(soul pervasive)” and strong or sudden at times (or sometimes very physically intimate).
Emotions do play a role (catalyst) and are very uninhibited sometimes.

And sometimes it hits you like a ton of bricks, as all telepathic or mystic encounters do…BOOM!
unmisteak-ably youre THERE…

You were in one location while being somewhere else and then you came back.

Sometimes it drags on for hours, though.
You dont want that piece of heaven to end, and so it continues until you almost force it to stop.
Like a neverending dance with someone…a forbidden love.

This is “catching heaven”.

-Sometimes you get this IN PERSON, but most times its in your head.

If you cant handle this then I dont want your xenophobic paranoia responses.
If “paranoia idations are your experience” then you are not ready for this gift. All psychic experiences and interactions work this way.

If you cant take the time out from the “rat race”, the time off to listen…
or you dont work “casually” or from home then simply this may not be for you.

This is one of the problems that gifted or those with psychic abilities have.
You need the slower pace and the “time off”.

You were never designed to live life that way.

If you are doing so, Id suggest another line of work.
The emails can wait until oblivion..really they can.
You dont need to “auto-reply all” every 20 seconds.

I think COMMUNICATION can be done with ANY DOLPHIN-ANY WHERE (and at ANY TIME of day) with the right skillset(s).
Time and space(distance) are irrelevant.
The work is done in 4D or above.

As Ive said- without going near them (outside of tank only) and from what Ive experienced solely at Chiru Sea Aquarium (see the other post),
I have connected already with dolphins.

You have to ask, assume they will respond and WAIT.
Sometimes awhile, sometimes not.
Sometimes, as Doc. Reid has put it- they interrupt your thoughts at “odd times and places”.

If you cant deal with this- dont ask for “psychic powers” or “dabble in mysticism”.

To be fair Ive had psychic encounters on Alpha Centauri…
but that was another host, in another life decades ago.

-And completely unrelated to dolphins.
I saw things many times..some good..some horrid..but I had the gift.

-It seems I still may.

Dolphin Mystics

Theres a mystic medium out there in Bimini (Bermuda) that claims to connect to dolphins.
It seems to me, however, that she was charging too much for visits.
I still think she is.

Making a living is one thing..surviving on $350 sessions (with no cheaper alternative for broke folks) is another.
This is often a one-shot one-off deal.
She is very “selective” of “outsiders” that she invites to her “sessions”.

You get the encounter or you dont- people dont recursively come back.
Im thinking those that do are a very small elite group that this person is FLEECING.

If you can afford to get out there- you probly have the money to go see her.
But how many CAN afford a trip to Bimini(let alone on a yearly basis)?

Its very formal, filled with instructions, doesnt grant you “personal time” and very dull.
The “trip” offerd by this mystic doesnt include airfare.

You are paying for a “psychic medium experience”..and Im not getting the vibe that “she is all that”.

The mystic -to me -is offering a boat ride and not much else.
Her sessions- dull, boring, a curio at best- are let to be discussed over dinner.

This is just the impression that the dolphins “want me to see”.

Anyone involved closely with animals knows that interaction, which she expressly forbids,
is part of ANY experience with other lifeforms on earth.
Even a pat on the head or a hug and a kiss to the (foremouth??)

I dont care if they sit on your lap, bump your nose, claw your hand …etc (poop on you as the case with hedgehogs)..
its a part of the experience.
I believe this is a grave mistake.

Its as if SHE wants to control you, control the experience, and then claim HER message is the only one, and the best one.

While I dont doubt that she is good, maybe gifted..I am thinking that its a con game.
There are a lot of con artists out there.

They treat people like “targets”, like “an income source”, like prey, and play tricks to make you think what they say is THE message.
No different that the ROMAN CATHOLIC church with GOD.
If you arent free to think- its brainwashing. Dont pay for it.

If her message doesnt jive with you- then go with what does.
That is “your intended message”.

The problem here is that SHE is the one FEELING the emotions presented, not YOU.
YOU should be begging for the experience.

Shes not giving YOU the ability to interact personally at the MENTAL level with them.
(Yes, it IS different–its not exactly speech. Things ebb and flow.)

She is giving you HER interpretation of what the dolphins have to say instead.
It might not be related to the imagery being prjected at all-
for all you know its cooked up “hopes and dreams”…

There is a certain essence when another speaks through you- in some- it changes thier voice.
In others, a way of thinking.

You can discern it from the normal persons behaviour and speech patterns.
Doc. Reid, for example- sometimes lets Freddie speak through his words.

Swimming with (touching) dolphins

Just because its a one-in-a-million experience doesnt qualify you for marineland prices.

Thats how much they charge to wade in a pool with one of thier trainers for an hour, mind you with a group of:

	and maybe other not-so-with-it groups

Group minds and group outings rarely ever go as planned.
If you want ALONE time (single person session)- you have to pay thru the nose.

There isnt anything wrong with public interactions in wading pools, like Ive seen for bermuda vacation ads.
I think that encourages the “proper experience”.
I think being in an enclosure and doing it “MarineLand’s way” is whats wrong with the picture.

They do it that way for two reasons:

    1- public has no idea how to act and misbehaves
    2- they can control the interaction

Now its very exciting to be close to them..and they are very warm, -suprisingly it seems- from what Im told.

It might not be a “date” per se..but if Im going to swim with one..Id like to do it my way and take my time.
If I wanted to seperate from the public view..and visit the whole pod (or just one)..thats my right.


I think this is why cruises are priced so high.
If you can aford the LUXURY time and time again, you wont WANT anything less.
Far too often, though- cruises are overpirced or booked at rates for COUPLES.
Single is a smidge more(dunno why) but usually half price compared to the price you booked (you have to beg for the single rate).

Bad Humans

Mass visits by the public to dolphin lagoons were the premise behind “to touch a wild dolphin”.
How tourism affected a lagoon near Perth is the basis of the book.
Humans almost toxify the nearby oceans, flood the area with trash….
TOURISM CAN BE A VERY BAD THING to dolphin locations.

The Book

The Marine Biologist in the book did have a sacred earth connection.
She documented everything, and I mean EVERYTHING in her book. IN COLOR.
No holds barred, some parts NSFW (without warning)…full on documentary.

The Marine Biologist had a very intimate conenction too it seems.
She briefly writes about it.
Maybe it was her motivation for finding human friends afterwards…

Others have had that experience too.
Another human male wrote briefly about it buring his “dolphin training days” for major places like SeaWorld and MarineLand.
The sexes were flipped in his circumstance. He claims “mental illness” about the encounter now-
but I think he’s cowering behind negative press on the subject matter.

“Perception is a bitch” and anyone “involved with animals” is seen as EVIL, UNHOLY, UNCLEAN, (and chased by the FEDS for life)….

LOVE and bonding

The wilds will be what they will be- what happens in vegas stays in vegas.
Its not anyone else business, quite frankly.

Outsiders who arent there cant claim it “wasnt consentual because animals cant talk”.
If talking is 75% non verbal..then YOU arent speaking half the time anyways.

You cant press charges if both parties are mentally old enough to decide to copulate.
I dare any courtroom to ask an animal to testify- and then be thrown back 50 feet when the animal says “they want the relationship”.

Who decides how old an animal is and if they can make decisions?
Thats for THEM (the animal) to decide, not CONGRESS, not the LAW, certainly not outsiders.

AGE of CONSENT in america is 13.
Age of adulthood is 18.
You still cant do much until you’re 21.

Most furry things are ready to go (fully capable of child bearing) by the (approx) age of NINE
(most humans estimated at 17, fully mature a few years later)..
let that sink in.
Maybe less.

I find this line of questioning rude, abusive, and based on religious zealotry and one-sided beliefs.

Do be aware that for whatever reason, now, animals are getting, or its being discovered, that HIV exists in animals too..
Did humans spread it by cross species breeding or was it there the whole time? (It is a nano virus)
Who is to know?

Im not saying “man was meant to lie with sheep” (or dolphins or any other animal).
Im just saying “its been known to happen”.

“What (consentually) happens in VEGAS…”

The bonds animals form can go far beyond just a “quick hello”.
Anyone with a dog (or a cat) knows this.

Humans are very cold.
They are cold torwards each other, family is a burden most times…
nobody on Earth takes time for anything.
Nobody is ever “close”.

This, in my opinion is very WRONG.
You need those bonds, you need that compassion.
You need close friends.
You need someone to “give a damn about”.

Maybe that is the “blessing” returned for “truely giving a damn”.
It is possible that “Honest souls” that truely care are given interactions at levels so deep it almost forms a soul bond in many aspects.
It is certainly something not be ignored nor forgotten.

Certainly NOT because its traumatic.
Anyone that tells you it is traumatic has issues to work out.

Dolphins do- can- and often WILL- point out issues with people that cause problems for other humans.
If your a dick(or an asshole)- trust me- they know it the second they meet you.

So what is limiting you humans to one species with your (intimate) relationships?
I dont want you getting the impression that Im talking sexual interactions.

Physical, perhaps.
Initimate, CLOSE relations.
How close I will leave up to you.

Laws have been made to enforce sanity, but some laws simply are used to enforce religion on others.
Take TN state “beer laws” on sundays for example….

Someone tell me why there are laws limiting LOVE?
The laws about ET are just as bad. (you cant “hang out” with anything “not human” or you get murdered)

Dolphins and Healing

I know MarineLand at least offers sessions based on this aspect..
albeit mostly to those w cerebral palsey or etc..(KIDS) I dont know how that would work out.

I do know that TENS impulses seem to mimic dolphin pulses, so I dont know how much further dolphins can help.
I have been shown that they have some healing ability- to what degree I dont know.
Its not like they have “hands”..but they do have “mental capacity”.

The (evangelion) “dunk Tank”

(There is a dolphin example of this in one of those screwed-up movies..I forget which one)

I do have an excercise for the reader. It cant be forced.

This technique is modified from the comical Japanese Series “Neon Genesis Evangelion”.

As with many PSIONIC(Spiritual) exercises DO NOT RUSH THIS.
Standard Caveats, grounding, and magic circles(or LBRP) apply FIRST.


(Besides, youd never get the “words” right slurring your speech.)

The default pretense is “very dark”, if you rush it- you might pull something through you DONT WANT.
Follow my LEAD and be patient.
You only need the begining 15 seconds of the soundtrack- before the drums kick in.

(If you dont know- “NARA” ends the stanza, then the drums kick in.)

In case you havent been watching the series-

	The kid(13ish) is placed into a sensory deprivation chamber, similar to a pilots cockpit.

The series fills it with oxygenated fluid(circulated like a fish tank) and activates the “cockpit”, controlled by
“hair barettes” - a user interface controller, not unlike a PS3 (or VR) 6 axis motion controller to control what is deemed
“death angels” (of mercy- which he is inside) used to fight weird alien beings.

Hence the soundtrack in the intro:

	"Like a cruel (death) angel (with no mercy)..." (in Japanese)
	Za--n ko-ku na-tenshi- no yō ni
  • a demon has no wings for flight

     "??? ?? ?? "
     - yo she-wu na-re na-da (theres a twist in the lyrics post 03, possibly post 95)

Nevermind the fluid (and the monster the tube is inside) and the rest of the series.
This is all we need.

Just the cockpit.

An empty cockpit (made of wood, cardboard…etc.) in your mind..and YOU are IN it.
Everything is closed off, no viewscreen, no computer, no controller.

Now instantly you are in 3D proto-matter space.
This isnt water, this isnt space- but it has the properties of both.
(maybe fluidic space?)

Theres no vaccuum. You can breathe normally.

NOW summon them. The should come, as if invited.
Almost by magic.

Meet with thier mind, with thier essence.
Communue with thier soul.

What happens next is up to you.
But I would advise respect for the other party.

You can come back to reality (when ready) by going in reverse, back to the cockpit, and then back to your current awareness.
It happens in a matter of seconds if you do it right.

If instead you at this point feel fear and xenophobia- go back into the cockpit AT ONCE.
Whatever this is -cannot follow you.
It cannot- harm you.
Come back to reality quickly.
You can try again later when you refocus your energy.

If it helps…play the soundtrack.
Its foreign enough, even understood, to work like chaos magic does on an energy field.

There are other methods.
This is just a favorite of mine.
Its easy once you understand how it works.

Moreso, in a pinch-

	the soundtrack can also be used for the begining of the LBRP (or magic circle)
	the middle pillar excersise

(usually something you need NOW that isnt too drawn out..)

As I said- you only need 15 seconds…


“To touch a wild Dolphin”

Books a million
Half-Price Books

My Experiences with Dolphins up close and personal

“Neon Genesis Evangelion DVD SET”

[Amazon] (

“Cruel angel’s Thesis” Soundtrack (used here)
WARNING: THIS TRACK IS LOUD! - The DVD isnt any quieter.

This might have changed:

The correct version is posted on wikipedia(snippet).

[SoundCloud] (