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Neccesita Translaccion?!?

    Bitoin was never intended to be anonymous.
    It is very P2P (peer to peer) and does not require a central bank in any way.

    Most of you will ask where to get some.
    (The same generally applies to any other COIN fork, like Doge, or Lite…)

    You get coins in these places:

    	Exchanges [Skrill/CoinBase/] (similar to the stock market)

    The master blockchain has gotten REDICULOUS in size as of late, and no change to the code can fix the problem.

    The reason is that the blockchain history CANT BE deleted or removed once initially sync is complete.

    Running a FULL NODE WALLET APP(daemon) means you have the whole 100GB+ blockchain on your machine somewhere.
    If you dont want this, or dont have the room, Id adwise a live wallet like Jaxx or Electrum.

    PASCAL and PASCAL-Lite try avoid this once initially synced, but havent caught on yet.
    These are coins are obviously written in (Free)PASCAL.

    Where this shines is GLOBAL COMMERCE, TRADE, and “cross-border banking”.
    WIRE and BANKING and money transfer fees are absurd outside the network(s).

    The confusion lately has been over security, privacy, and implementation of such while still keeping transaction (network) costs “low”.

    You dont pay a banker, you pay a fee for someone else’s computer to confirm your transaction was “really done by you” and not bogus.
    This is what MINING is.


    Convienence on the fone and with some client apps doesnt necessarily mean that YOU OWN your coins.

    How much COIN do I have?

    You can sync your wallet or be lazy, but to spend–you need your wallets private key.
    Thats how the sytem works, so try not to lose your wallet.dat files or keystore folders if possible, because you cant recover coins otherwise.

    BitCoin and LiteCoin: Blockchain

    -Similar exist for other coins, check your search engine.

    What to do with Bitcoin?

    (Its Money)

    Look for site logos/windows stickers saying they take it.
    Billions of places are grabbing onto the BitCoin pay system.

    Sample of Online merchants:


    More and more are adopting some form of coin payment. Look for the logos.